Come~and~Go Communion New Year’s Eve

What is “Come~and~Go Communion”? It is an
opportunity to take communion with your family, to
raise your prayer needs for the coming year, and to be
prayed for by the pastor. This opportunity is offered
only once every year, on New Year’s Eve.

When is “Come~and~Go Communion”? On Monday,
December 31st. You can come anytime between
5:00 and 7:00pm. You will be greeted at the door and
will have the opportunity to fill out a prayer request
card. You are then invited to sit and enjoy meditative
music until you are ready to step to the altar to receive
communion and prayer.

Why Take “Come~and~Go Communion”? Some
who have experienced this very special communion
say it helps them to feel closer to God. Others feel
encouraged that they are moving into the new year
under a blanket of prayer.