The Black River Falls Confirmation Program is designed to help youth who are entering the 8th grade or
higher grow their faith by gaining an understanding of the vows that were made for them when they
were baptized.

The two-year program begins with Pre-Confirmation (Pre-Con) the first year, a time to learn the “basics”
of Christianity. The focus of the second year is to help students develop a hands-on, active faith. The
completion of the Confirmation journey is celebrated in the spring of year two when students CONFIRM
their faith in worship.

If you know of a student who is eligible for Pre-Confirmation this fall, one who is entering at least the
8th grade, please call the Church Office at 715-284-4114 before August 23. There will be a PreConfirmation Informational Meeting on Wednesday, August 28, at 5:30 p.m. for students and parents.