LIFETOUCH Photography will be coming to our church in March. The calendar is now open for you and your family to choose a date and time that would work for you! Your photo will be added to the church directory that is available for free! Why do you need a church directory or why do you want your photo in the directory you ask? Church directories are a good resource to get to know people in your church. You may have seen someone in church, but did not get a chance to go say HI so when you get home take a look in the directory to see who they were and the next time make time to go say HI!  More details coming!!!


Here are the steps to sign up for a date and time on our webpage:


Go to

Click on Menu Bar and go to Website Links

Click on LifeTouch where you will be taken to their page

Select number in your group

Select date on calendar

Select time that works for you!


Thank you!!