How Scrip Works
The Basics of the Scrip Program:
Anyone may purchase retail gift cards through our Scrip program at face value
Cards are available from nearly 400 national retail stores where you already shop. There is a complete
list at the Scrip table in the Gathering Area.  UMC buys the gift cards at a discounted rate determined by the retailer, from 1-15%.  The difference between the face value and what UMC pays is our earnings, which goes to the UMC General Fund

Here's an example:
You wish to eat a local restaurant, so you purchase a $25.00 Perkins gift card from Marcia or Lois at the Scrip table on Sunday morning. Because Perkins offers us a 15% discount when UMC Scrip purchases the cards and you pay your Perkins bill with that Scrip card instead of using a credit or debit card, you are adding $3.75 to the UMC General Fund.

How easy is that!

If there is a card you wish to purchase and we do not have it on hand, we will special order it and make every effort to get it to you by the date you need it. We have lists of retailers available at the Scrip table—just ask us for one to take home with you. If you find you need a card mid-week, call 715-.284-3346.

Since 2011, when UMC began the Scrip program, earnings of $11,000.00 have been deposited in the UMC General Fund because you have supported the program. We thank you for the purchases you have made and hope you will continue to support this fundraiser for our church.


Scrip cards are the perfect gift and you will be helping out the General Fund in our church at the same time. We have many cards on hand that would make excellent gifts, and we can order special cards for you, too. See Marcia or Lois each Sunday morning in the Gathering Area of the church to purchase your gift cards.

Below is an updated list of the available Scrip Cards and the percentages the church receives from the purchase of each card:

% Card name

5 Ace Hardware
4 Amazon
8 Applebee's
8 Arby's
9 Barnes & Noble
9 Bath & Body
8 Buffalo Wild Wings
5 Culvers
7 Denny's
5 Hansens
5 Hardees
2 Holiday
5 I Tunes
4 Kohls
4 Kwik Trip
10 Macy's
3 Menards
9 Olive Garden
9 Panera Bread
8 Papa Murphys
15 Perkins
8 Revolution
3 Subway
3 Target
8 Texas Roadhouse
9 T.G. Fridays
2.5 Walmart
8 Younkers