Mission Moments:
Beginning in January, the Mission Outreach Committee
will provide a 5-minute Mission Moment on the last

Sunday of each month. In January, the congregation heard
from Terrie Stevens about her work in the Twin Cities
with the homeless population. Future Mission Moments
 February 23 - Building children’s beds through Sleep
in Heavenly Peace
 March 24 - Charlene Galston will speak on Knit for
Senegal Project:
Congratulations, BRF UMC!! Your support for
the Methodist projects in Senegal - feeding stations and
agricultural pursuits is unfailing and much appreciated.
Donations in 2019 were $5,623; the 2019 total
exceeds the 2018 total by $403. Let’s keep the Senegal
project in focus and try to also increase our 2020 giving.
Children and families benefit from these projects.
As a congregation we were so lucky to have Lyle Hart
witness the work in Senegal firsthand. We know that our
donations are doing good work. See note below that was
received recently:
Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ from Black River Falls UMC:
I hope you are doing fine. I am writing to let you know
how much I appreciate your financial support to the

United Methodist Church, district of Senegal.

Your outstanding support has enabled the church to fulfill its goals of
showing Christ’s love and making disciples of Jesus Christ
here in Senegal.
As you might know, we are still in the process of transitioning

from the Mission Initiative to a district. While celebrating

this moment, a lot of challenges are also awaiting
for us. Your moral, spiritual, and financial support is
much needed. Once again, thank you so much and may
God continue to richly bless you.
I would like also to take this opportunity to wish you a
Happy New Year 2020.
Yours in Christ,
Rev. Jean Pierre Ndour
District Superintendent
Please remember that we have many easy patterns and lots of yarn for anyone who can help with items for the Knit for Kids program. Deadline for completed items is not until April 30, 2020, so there is lots of time to work on projects that can warm your heart and lap at the same time along with that of a child in the future. If you need help finding things, please reach out to Charlene Galston.