FINANCIAL REPORT - For the Months ended July 31, 2022


                                    YTD Balance               2022 YTD Budget     % of Budget
Weekly Offerings        $158,184.31                 $164,622.00                  96.09%
Special Offerings                 $50.00                     $4,090.00                    1.23%
Other Income                 $ 6,390.71                    $ 9,885.00                  64.65%
                     Total      $ 164,625.02                 $178,597.00                  92.18%
Apportionments            $ 18,000.00                  $ 25,202.00                  71.43%
Programming                  $ 4,888.08                    $ 5,916.00                  82.63%
Pastoral Support           $ 68,542.52                  $ 66,864.00                102.51%
Prog. & Support Staff    $ 32,732.55                  $ 41,556.00                  78.77%
Operations                    $ 32,927.71                  $ 39,082.00                  84.26%
                      Total      $ 157,090.86                 $ 178,620.00                 87.95%



Finance News

In the first seven months of 2022, The church’s income is under budget by $13,971.98 or 7.82%.  Expenses continue to be under budget by $21,529.14 or 12.05%.   Though the church is doing satisfactorily at this time, we continue to ask that you keep praying for our church finances.  We thank everyone in our church family for your continued support.

Good News!  Praise the Lord!  We met our goal in contributions for the repair of the stained glass window.  Thank you to all who contributed.

Finance News

Wow!  It’s September and it’s time to give consideration to planning for 2023.  Planning for your talents in giving to your church and its program, as well as what you can give to financially to support our faith in action.

What do you see as the most important needs in the work of our church—internal programs, as well as outreach missions programs in our community and the world?

How can you support those needs with your time and talents.  Let’s talk and plan together for the direction you see your church to head.

In thinking of giving to the church, John Wesley’s famous quote always come to my mind:

“Do all the good you can, by all the means you can, in all the ways you can, in all the places you can, at all the times you can, to all the people you can, as long as ever you can.”

What and how are you willing to give?
 Direct Debit Giving is used to automatically transfer funds from your checking or savings
account to the Church banking account. Call the church office to sign up if you are
 Donations through the Venmo System are also accepted by the church. This allows
congregational members to donate to the Church just by using their cell phone. You need to
register for a Venmo account to complete this type of transaction. As you contemplate
future contributions, please consider electronic giving. Authorization forms and additional
information are available in the Church office.
Jim Hornby, Finance Committee Chair

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