From Your BRF UMC Finance Committee

This July 2023 Update will give you the status of Church finances through the first 5 months of 2023
We will have a meeting on June 26th and then no meeting in July 2023; our next meeting will be in August 2023
As of 06/01/2023, our general fund account balance of......$32,211
We have had income over the first 5 months of.................$109,542
We have had expenses over the first 5 months of..................$101,850
We made a payment towards our Conference Apportionments of $3500 in May.

We expect to make another payment of $3500 in July; we want to be sure and make our
Conference Apportionments paid by the end of the year ($21,042 total)

We are maintaining expenses versus income for the first 5 months of 2023 as you can see
We still have a segregated “Building Fund” Account locally of .......$7961.23

We do not use this building found account without request from Trustees. Thís is an account
that we maintain, should a future Capital Project be taken on in the future.

We hold an account at the WI Methodist Foundation. The current balance on that account is
$137,315.15. This was money that we had following the sale of “Our Church Parsonage” some years ago. WI Methodist Foundation invests this money for us. We can only use this money to either buy a new parsonage or assist in paying a housing allowance to our Pastor. We use a small percentage of this money each month to help fund the Housing Allowance we pay to our Pastor.

Your support of this church is so valuable in maintaining the ministries of our church

We ask that you continue your pledges and offerings so we can continue to serve our Church members and our community.




Thank you again for all that you do.

Howard Gomer - Chairperson

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