The Church’s Stained Glass Window:
As most of you know the beautiful Stained Glass Window in the Sanctuary was installed in 1994 when the new addition to the church was built.  At that time, the cost to purchase and install the window was $80,000.  

Willett Hauser Architectural Glass, inspected our window for the first time since it was installed just this last spring.  There were several pieces of glass that are cracked, broken, perhaps even missing along with some pieces that are out of the lead channels.  The estimate to repair these items is $4,109.  Given the original cost of the window and the fact that has been over 28 years since installation, this amount is negligible.  

Contributions toward the repair cost of the window are being accepted.  Through the end of July, we have received $2,460, with only $1,649 to go.  If you wish to contribute, please note “Window Repair” on your check or envelope.  Thank you and God Bless. 

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