Greetings to Members and Friends of United Women in Faith:  
A warm Thank You to each of you who sent a donation during our No-Bake Bake Sale fundraiser to support our pledge toward Mission Giving. If anyone still wishes to give, donations can be mailed to Lois Epps, N5911 17th Place, BRF.  Click Here to Read More...

As one of our national officers shared, our Mission Giving is a challenge and an opportunity to support life-changing projects that have impacted women, children and youth or newly identified issues that guide our work moving forward.

Harriet Jane Olson, General Secretary for UW in F, shared these phrases in her message from the July/August response (p. 5) where she encouraged each of us to listen, respond, give and act in these challenging times. These thoughts can guide each of us and we open ourselves up to something new and perhaps, unpredictable.   Share the enthusiasm. Share the excitement. Look for opportunities to answer questions. Try the new programs and resources. Point to the future. Tackle obstacles. Tell the story.

Looking ahead, mark your calendar for our September meeting to be held Monday, September 12 at the Lunda Large Shelter. We will meet at 5pm for a Bring-Your-Own-Supper and fellowship followed by the program at 5:30pm. Enjoy the rest of this summer season.

Go Forward with God’s Blessing,  Luane Meyer

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