United Methodist Women – Sacred Spaces: Encounters with God and Neighbor

The calendar says that fall has officially arrived, and today it feels as if that is true. These cool fall days bring renewed
energy to complete the necessary end of summer and end of garden chores. Let’s make use of the fall’s renewed energy
to add to our UMW participation.

Thank you to our local members who have completed terms on the North Central District UMW Leadership Team. At
the District UMW Annual Gathering on Sept. 15, Luane Meyer was recognized for her four years on the Leadership
Team as Mission Coordinator for Social Action. Carol Hornby completed a four-year term as Secretary after four years
as Secretary of Program Resources and a term on Nominations. Official recognition was delayed because Carol has accepted
another term on Nominations. Carol Anderson completed a two-year term as President of the Leadership Team.
Recognition was delayed because she has accepted a term on Nominations.

Also at the Annual Gathering Lyn Gates was installed for a two-year term as Secretary for the Leadership Team. Thank
you, Lyn for sharing your time and continuing Black River Falls’ representation on the team.

It is the season when our Nominations Committee will be looking for local leadership. When you are contacted, please
give prayerful consideration to accepting more responsibility for UMW. The unit is only strong because of the contributions
of many. Be a part of that strength.

Dates to Remember:
 October 1: Circle of Hope at 1:30 PM at the church
Circle of Faith at 5:30 PM at the Mocha Mouse, upstairs
 October 28: UMW Sunday