United Methodist Women – Sacred Spaces: Encounters with God and Neighbor
June Events

We are nearing the end of summer, already enjoying sweet corn and tomatoes. I will miss the vegetables and flowers
when fall comes, the mosquitoes and gnats not so much.
I have missed my UMW friends this summer so I am glad Circles will meet again on September 10. We will again
have a chance to connect with each other. Our Circle friends provide a great support network – women who care
about each other and pray for and with each other.
Maybe this September you are ready to add a UMW Circle into your life. The Circle of Hope meets at the church at
1:30 PM. The Circle of Faith will meet at the Mocha Mouse at 5:30 PM. Members can purchase a special coffee or
light supper if they wish. Come, strengthen friendships and connect.
UMW is all about connections. Here are some excerpts from our General Secretary Harriett Jane Olson’s Responsively
Yours article in the June issue of response:
“First, of course, as United Methodist Women we share a commitment to Jesus Christ and a desire to live as disciples.
Our common journey engages us in a process of formation in which we are willing to be influenced by one another’s
faith and experience. We are open to depending on one another, and we are willing to offer one another support.
We are also connected by a shared commitment to women children and youth. The reason for coming together, for
raising funds and for our service and action is to do our part in helping women, children and youth flourish.” (Olson,
Harriett Jane, Responsively Yours, response, June 2018, p. 5)
Also on September 15 the North Central District UMW Annual Gathering will be held at Wausau First UMC.
Broaden your UMW horizons by attending this gathering. Watch for registration forms on the kiosk in the Gathering
Area. Registration for the day will be $20.