Hello to UMW Members,
You are invited to a Fall Frolic, a time for UMW members to join together for a
September picnic and time of fellowship. We will meet on Monday, September 14
from 5:00-6:15pm. We will gather at the large Lunda Park Shelter. Bring your own
“Brown Bag” supper and beverage and we will eat at 5pm followed by a short
program and fellowship. We will have enough picnic tables for safe social distancing
but feel free to bring a chair if you wish. We also suggest masks if you feel more
comfortable in the group.
We have all experienced uncertain times in the past few months. Although we are slowly
getting back to some of the activities and routines we were used to, we are still feeling
anxious and emotional about the effect the pandemic has had on family and friends.
Now with the start of a new school year, children and youth, families, teachers and
staff are experiencing a new anxiety. We all have children in our lives, family, friends,
neighbors, children we see at church.

An article in the July-August 2020 response seems very timely as it is an interview
with Trudy Rankin and Faye Wilson,authors of the 2020 Children and Youth Spiritual
Growth Studies, Managing Our Emotions and Managing Our Anxiety.
The women were asked, “What advice do you have for children and youth during
this exceptionally anxious time? The authors shared that children and youth need
adults who can help them channel the energy of anxiety into understanding
and growth. Check in with your children offering physical and emotional support
for the feelings they are experiencing. If interested in the article in its entirety,

you can contact Luane Meyer.

Hope to see you at the Fall Frolic!