To UMW Members and Friends,
UMW provides a wide variety of resources for members
and those supporting UMW programs and projects.

Resources are accessible online as well as books,

magazines, curriculum guides, youth-focused study materials,

mission studies in Korean and Spanish languages, and

mission maps identifying UMW projects internationally are
just a few of the support materials available.

Consider checking out Faith Talks podcasts which
are monthly conversations with UMW exploring themes
and resources that empower us to put faith, hope and love
into action. Themes in the past months have included
Living, Learning and Loving During the Pandemic,

Prevent Gun Violence, Attacks on Asian American/Pacific
Islander communities, Soul Care, Black History Month
and more.

Podcasts are open to anyone who would like to listen to
recordings and can be found by going to https:// Speakers on
the podcast include members from UMW on the national
level and individuals representing communities across the
country with expertise and experience in the themes.
To our local unit members, the officers are working on
several ideas that can hopefully welcome our membership
back together in the fall. We are looking at in-person and
online options that may be available for our members,
near and far. Stay tuned as we put these ideas into action.

Luane Meyer