United Women in Faith (UWF)
UWF is working on two fundraisers during the month of November that will
help us meet our pledge to mission projects, locally and around the world.
For one of our fundraisers we have joined forces with That’s My Pan!® This
year you can give that gift that everyone will be talking about. Our fundraiser
is offering a wide variety of products that allows you to customize, personalize,

and generate that “Wow Factor.”

Our second item is a Heated Rice Pack that can be heated in the microwave
and give comfort for those aches and pains. A freewill donation will be appreciated

in purchasing one or more of the Packs. The Packs will be available for purchase

before and after church during November.

That’s My Pan!® fundraiser will also run for the month of November. This guarantees delivery of your That’s My Pan!® items before Christmas. Online orders using credit or debit are preferred but if that isn’t an option, please speak with one of our officers. Top quality and personalized item samples can be viewed in the Gathering Area and you can pick up a brochure which includes additional information.

We welcome all church members to join in our monthly circle programs in-person or by Zoom. Our next meeting is scheduled for Monday, November 1, at 5:30pm. At this time we plan to meet in the Fellowship Hall and offer Zoom from there. If you are interested in the link to connect and more information on the program, contact Luane at 715-284-9839.

Blessings to you,
Luane Meyer