Class 101 - Learn About Your Church and Faith

Class 101 - An introduction to the church family
We are called to love, learn, teach and minister. Being a mature, faithful Christian is no different.   Like any vocation we need training.  In an effort to develop reproducible training to move through the stages of Christian maturity:  first belonging, second growing through study, third through ministry, and fourth through sharing of faith, Class 101, Class 201, Class 301, and Class 401 have been developed to take us through the steps.  A church should feel like a family. It shouldn't feel like an event to attend, but a place to belong. That's why Class 101 is important – because we weren't meant to go through life alone. When it comes to finding your purpose, using your God-given gifts to serve, and surrounding yourself with community, we're giving you a deliberate path to follow. It's a path that won't confuse you or leave you in the dark.

Class 101 you can expect to:
∙ Learn about why you’re here and why you matter.
∙ Connect with others and start intentionally building your community
∙ Get a glimpse into the history and vision of Black River Falls United Methodist Church

"I encourage anyone that is new to Black River Falls United Methodist Church, is in a leadership position, or just curious and want to know more, to attend Class 101. This will be an interactive class with lively discussion.  We will meet on Saturday, September 17th from 9 am -1 pm.  Lunch will be served and RSVP through the church office is appreciated."
Katrina McGillivray
Chair Staff Parish Relations

Looking forward:
Class 201:  Discovering My Spiritual Maturity.
Life wasn’t meant to be lived standing still.  We should always be moving, learning, and growing as people and as followers of Jesus.  But it can be easy to get stuck in a rut.  It’s not that you’re unwilling to grow – maybe you just aren’t sure where to start or what to do next.  But it could be as simple as establishing a few key habits in your life to get you on the right track.
Here’s what you can expect:
* Slow down the busyness of your schedule by learning how to develop a daily time with God.
* Stop feeling like you’re alone in your problems by finding the right small group
* Let go of materialism by learning how to give to God first
Class 201 is designed to teach you about these simple habits and show you the different steps you can take to mature and grow as a Christian.