Black River Falls United Methodist Church
Mission Outreach Committee report

Our next meeting has been scheduled for November 9 at 3:00pm at the church. Please join us to share in fellowship as we develop and set in place ways to serve others.  

On Tuesday, November 15 at 1:00pm we will meet again  to sew for the Patricia Project  which is the making of reusable sanitary pads for young women. The committee decided not to pursue this mission outreach project any longer but will use up what materials we have available before stopping. As we have quite a bit, so be watching for at least 2 more sewing dates in the future. 

Since we started our Knit for Kids mission outreach project in October, we already have 13 items toward our goal of 100. We are surely off to a good start.  World Vision is asking for hats, mittens, scarves and sweaters for all ages of children. Also requested are blankets either knit, crochet or fleece that are 36x45 inches. As usual , our supply of yarn remains significantly depleted. Donations are desperately needed.  Acrylic yarns are best but all would be accepted. As you are closet cleaning, downsizing, or if you are at yard sales please keep the church and this worthwhile project in mind. Donations may be left at the church office. 

 We are always trying to keep  ahead of when someone might go on a mission trip and could use some pillowcase dresses to take along.  I’ve been keeping the supply of kits for dresses in the gathering area.  If you are a sewer it is a quick project and easy to do. Please feel free to take one home.  If you have pillow cases, bias tape or trims you could donate, that would be appreciated.  All donations can be left at the church office. 

Our committee re-evaluated the projects that our church supports at our October meeting. The number of service projects that we were involved in were many. It was decided that we should review each and consider if there was a need or if it was being met elsewhere. Projects that we decided to continue are:
Friendly visits to shut ins
Knit for Kids
Sleep in Heavenly Peace bed build
Essential needs/food pantry support
Harbor House - both financially and with visits to facility
Senegal feeding stations

Our largest outreach endeavor will be to continue a weekly evening meal, but open it up to the public so that those that have food insecurities might come. To do this project well, we are currently in a “fact finding” stage, seeking out more information.

Questions we are seeking answers to are:
What or how great the need is?
Are there any other community groups that might help us?
Are there any safety concerns?
Can we get some help with food costs from the food pantry?
Do we need a coordinator?
What funding sources are available?

This will be an exciting project. If you have talent that you could share in this area please reach out to a committee member. Be watching for more updates.
 Submitted by Charlene Galston