Fresh Expressions – A Fresh Approach to an old Commission

In 2004, The Church of England did a study on decreased church attendance.  The results were surprising.  While It showed that only 21% of people attend church, 80% of people were spiritual and longed to connect or reconnect a relationship with Jesus Christ. Why the disparity? 

The responses they heard were similar to what we hear in the United States:  sporting events on Sundays, parents working on weekends or using Sunday as their only day off to rest and catch up.  To many, the traditional church style and hymnody feel foreign and do not appeal. Many have been alienated, disrespected, ostracized by previous church experience.  

Out of that research the Fresh Expressions, movement was created.  This is a form of church for our changing culture, established primarily for the benefit of those who are not yet members of any church. It will come into being through principles of listening, service, contextual mission and making disciples; to meet people where they are rather than dragging them, begging them, to come to us. People are met on their own turf, in their own interest groups, and on the mission field.  

If you are intrigued in the concept or want to develop and share a strong, Spirit-led relationship with God, you are invited to “Water into Wine Sundays” on the Porch with prayer, study, and sharing.  Sundays at 4 pm  beginning September 11, 2022.  McGillivray’s - 514 Forrest Street, Black River Falls. Assorted beverages provided.  RSVP to Rod McGillivray 812-581-9511